Blue band kadogo ad

Commercial break

Ad:        “Science lesson”
Client:        Blue Band Unilever Kenya

Unilever was the first company’s to start commercial production of margarine in Kenya in 1955 under the name East Africa Industries. The Company is the home of renowned brands such as Omo, BlueBand and Royco.  It’s other main brands Kimbo and Cowboy were sold off, while Treetop juice was discontinued.

For BlueBand, Unilever has maintained the audience’s attention through running different campaign over the last few years and more so as competition has increased. Their newest ad is set in a classroom full of students where we see a boy who is looking around the class mischievously. When he has verified that the teacher’s back is turned away from him, he opens his desk slowly and the camera zooms in to reveal the boy’s break-time snack – some slices of bread in a small lunchbox.  Oddly, the boy proceeds to spread margarine on the bread with one eye on the teacher and the other on his freshly spread bread.

Unable to resist the temptation, he bends down to take an anticipated bite not realizing the teacher has turned and has her full attention on him. The teacher waits for him to bite into his bread then calls out his name out loudly.  The student freezes with a scared and guilty look on his face and then slowly stands up hiding the bread behind his back.  Limiting his movement as much as possible, he faces the teacher waiting for his fate. The teacher asks him a question to gauge his attentiveness and to everyone’s surprise, he answers it without hesitating.  Trying to hide her surprise, the teacher applauds the boy, knowing this time he had gotten away with his mischief.  The camera then cuts to a pack shot of the open lunch box and the new 25g BlueBand.

The ad is quite humourous, and should be allocated more air time.  It’s a typical school-boy ad that floods the viewers with numerous memories of classroom mischief.  In addition to the creativity, the commercial has been positioned very well for the price conscious ‘kadogo’ economy in Kenya.  It therefore comes as a surprise to the viewer that the boy’s English is heavily laced with a South African accent.  Perhaps the voice in the subsequent ads could be changed to suit the Kenyan market even more.

2 thoughts on “Blue band kadogo ad

  1. Interesting creative thought behind the whole clip. I believe it speaks to both the core target – mothers, i believe – and is also inspiring to the secondary target – the children. However, how it compares with its nagging competitor – Biddy’s, will be something worth thinking about.

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