Relevant creative or creative relevance?

Working in an advertising agency can be one of the most infuriating things you can do in this life especially if you are caught in between a client service/ creatives fight. One one hand the client service people insist they know what the client wants while creatives maintain even the client doesn’t know what they want. Granted sometimes clients might not be sure what would solve thier problems thats why they would come to an agency for thier communication needs to be sorted.

Unfortunately if the agency comes up with communication that is not relevant and communication that does not relate to the audience it would be all in vain. Advertising needs to help the consumer to relate with the product and see how it fit in thier lives. If it doesn’t then there is no need…but if this can be done and in a creative way then the agency would have fulfilled its mandate.

Our marketing enviroment is littered with many marketing missteps in which a little bit more thought would have made a big difference.

The most recent example would be ABC bank with thier well thought out product Kisima Financial solutions but the worst communication on TV only rivalled by the Gentel “No Pinch ad” or the Preventer ” Tame the jogoo” ad. I didnt have a great opinion of the product until i went out of my way to look at all the benefits, and not many consumers will do that. In an unforgiving market like Kenya, in the banking sector yoou cannot afford such  strategic marketing mistakes, if you don’t believe me ask Barclays…

For me creative relevance is paramount, any creative director can be creative but it takes a brilliant creative director to make the creative relevant to the target audience. Sadly not many creative directors match up

One thought on “Relevant creative or creative relevance?

  1. I believe the brilliance slowly simmers when creatives begin to make decisions for the consumer as opposed to listening to the consumer. Over and above this, creatives are sometimes guilty of intentionally speaking to the wrong consumer. Granted, it may be poor briefing, inaequate market research but it happens and has disastrous effects n the brand.

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