Econet Kenya …finally?

Econet signed a deal last week with the goverment and in the presence of regulators to stop all pending cases against the goverment and commence the roll out of their network in the first quarter of next year. There is still the issue of the remainder of the licensing fee and local share holding which needs to remain at 30%. Now with all due respect to Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet, thier most successful operations are in Zimbabwe, with the Nigerian ones having run into shareholder troubles and the New Zealand operations being not yet operational.

Econet Wireless in Kenya needs deep pockets since local rivals are well entrenched and might not be open to sharing thier networks which they have invested alot of money setting up. I think Econet Wireless will sell out to one of the bigger players in Africa and my bets lie with MTN, who failed with thier bid buy majority shareholding in Kencell which ended up with Celtel.

A bit of speculation but with MTN being the leading cellular company in Uganda, it would be a stroke of genius for them. We will be watching and waiting…

One thought on “Econet Kenya …finally?

  1. I’m happy for Econet mainly because I’m hoping they give Safaricom & Celtel a run for their money. They can do this by having very low rates and targeting the rural areas. But as you say network might bog them down. On the speculation of a MTN affiliation, I think that would be a great idea. Personally I’ve always admired MTN for their communications and it would help if they came into our market and show everyone a new look into telephony communications. Anyway we shall wait and see.

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