GTV vs DSTV…unlocking the value in satelite TV?

So finally we have someone to rival DSTV offering satelite TV in Kenya. Now dont get me wrong a host of other players from CTN, Mitsuminet and Oxygen are already in the market but non can rival DSTV especially where something dear to Kenyans is concerned – Football. Premier league football has a great following in this country with people having allegiances to different clubs. An odd saturday  or sunday  is not complete without 90 minutes spent in the nearest watering hole  watching ones team vanquish rival teams.

So GTV with 80% of Premiership football games has the right strategy to enter the DSTV stronghold since all the pubs in town will want to show as many matches as they can and what more the GTV package is much cheaper. After they have that market they will move to get the home market where DSTV is concentrating with compact and family.

I’m in full support of GTV since first with 80% of the football matches i will be watching football 80% of the time on GTV and second that might just be the right kind of prodding we need for DSTV to allow us to pick and pay for the channels we want without having to pay for over 80 other channels that i wont even watch. DSTV the onus is on you…its time to put on your innovative caps

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