mediocre acting, bad concept…the ABC Bank ad

Commercial break

Ad: “Talking Fountain”
Client: Kisima A/c – ABC Bank

ABC Bank was founded in 1984 as Consolidated Finance Company, a financial institution in Nairobi, by a group of experienced bankers, industrialists and advocates. The Consolidated Finance Company converted into African Banking Corporation in January 1995 and today has a network of seven branches in Kenya.

Except for sponsorship boards on the local TV stations during business news, the current ad they are flighting is their first venture into TV advertising.  In the new TV spot, we see a couple walk into an ABC banking hall holding hands.  After a brief moment, the lady turns to the man tells him to make a wish.  He closes his eyes shortly and makes his wish out loud.  “I wish for one account for all my financial needs” he says.

Suddenly, a fountain situated inside the banking hall, morphs into a water genie and proceeds to extol the benefits of a new account from ABC Bank called Kisima guaranteed to meet his every financial need.  Her ‘recital’ ends with “now open your eyes and experience Kisima” as she disappears back into the fountain.

He opens his eyes, turns to the lady and says “that was amazing.” Her confused look and the question “what was?”  tells us that only ‘he’ was having the ‘vision.’  They proceed into the banking hall and the fountain genie re-appears to give a courtesy bow as the voice-over talks about how ABC Bank is redefining banking with the Kisima Financial account solution. The ad ends with the ABC Bank tag “Moneywise Advice”

Having researched about the Kisima Financial solution, one can confidently vouch for it as a great product.  However, this ad does the product complete injustice and seems to dwell too much on the name of the account ‘Kisima.’  The bad acting further reduces the credibility of the ad requiring one to brave through the ad repeatedly in order to finally get the message. It’s a good product with a terrible ad and an even worse tagline.

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