Expanding Thika Road…

Yesterday’s statement by the PS Finance of plans to make Thika Road a three lane highway was a breath of fresh air in the midst of the verbal pollution that has become our daily news. Im sure many political leaders will claim its  an election gimick  but i tend to think differently. Good infrastructure will add to the economic  growth the country is currently experiencing and open up more land to developments  and growth of Nairobi as a capital city. The expansion of Mombasa road has already began and its going very well which will definately help reduce the cost of business.

I’m not politically inclined and as a matter of fact i tend to think politicians are an evil we should do away with. At the end of the day i will caste my vote for the politician who shows the greatest ambition of growing our economy and sustaining the growth in coming years.

Kudos to the present goverment for coming up with this proposed expansion and i sure do hope it sees the light of day regardless of all the politics

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