Standard Chartered Bank joins Pesa Point

Finally one of the Big 4 joins PesaPoint, Standard Chartered Bank. I wonder what took them too long as Pesa Point is the ideal way to go. I remember before Pesa Pointa trip out of town would include one having to carry all the money they would need since some of the banks didnt have an extensive network. Pesa Point  now enables us to withdraw cash from more than 110 locations countrywide some in very remote towns and all sorts of unexpected places.

I had an argument last week with a banker on who the big 4 banks are. In his assertion backed by facts the big 4 are Barclays, Standard Chartered, KCB and National Bank. In my opinion backed by perception they are Barclays, KCB, Standard Chartered and Cooperative bank. No doubt he is right as the figures support him but  for me perception matters more since if people dont value your brand what’s its worth?

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