Revival of Dead brands? the Unilever way

Kenya is a wonderful country to live in and for those of you who haven’t lived in shaggz let me enlighten you a bit. Being a tab bit older than most i did spend my share of time at cucu’s when young. We used to use a pit latrine and a bathroom which was outside. The soap we used back then was one among 2 Unilever brands…Rexona or Lifebuoy. Our reasons for using Lifebuoy had nothing to do with the fact that it was good soap, far from it, they advertised it as the soap for strong men and since we wanted to be strong men we used it. I do remember after bathing one could apply a bit on the legs  so they don’t “parara” (remain dry). So its with nostalgic memories i watched their new ad promoting Lifebuoy in this market, a soap that was last seen on our supermarket shelves over 10 years ago.

So is Unilever reviving thier old brands and if they are could  place in a request for a return of Treetops the iconic juice brand back then…

2 thoughts on “Revival of Dead brands? the Unilever way

  1. Whatever they are doing with lifebouy, did they have to use such tired advertising? After the blue antiseptic glow of Protex and the green one of Dettol now we have a red one for LB. Whatever happened to differentiation, not to mention creativity?

    So another antiseptic soap gets on the shelf.

    A.O.B: Omo is the one Unilever brand doing something different and cool, IMO.

  2. WordPress eats comments. I was wondering why, in re-introducing LB, Unilever used the same concept abused to death by Dettol, Protex, Geisha and every other soap ever advertised on Kenyan TV.

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