The money minting MP’s

The recent news from the 8th parliament is the MP’s want a severance package and other benefits that total to more than 6 million shillings at the end of thier current term of parliament. These are the people leading the country who should be thinking about our collective development but no they are just thinking about thier interests.

Is there no MP who can stand and be counted for being brave enough to oppose the oppression or do they just think of their stomachs?

At the same time there are proposals to increase the number of constituencies  but you must understand if this are their habits we are right to be apprehensive about the new constituencies. I think its a good idea if development was to get to the grassroot levels but knowing Kenyan politics they might be created in very undeserving areas.

I don’t agree with the ODM guys for opposing the creation of new constituencies since in they are arguing based on numbers… i think ODM needs to re-evaluate thier stance coz as it is they have no basis to argue against new constituencies

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