Diamond Trust Bank rebrands?

On a casual drive down Mombasa road one does come across a very big billboard with a very un-african looking chic smiling. At First glance it does look like an ad for some software firm or new telecommunications firm. Its not until one takes a second look to see its an ad for Diamond Trust Bank. What strikes one as strange is the fact that their logo has changed. A casual glance across the road to where they have a branch at Capital Centre sees it boasting a new logo in a new corporate colour.

In today’s nation they announce their profits in a full page ad with a new logo and mast head at the top. Hmmm… is it that thier marketing department is in deep slumber or the agency has mis-adviced them? A rebranding shows a desire to shed an old image as a company progressively grows. Its meant to enhance a companies positioning in the consumers mind making them associate the companies new ideals and missions.

A rebranding exersize is an example of profile communication targeting a number of diverse audiences from stakeholders, shareholders, Goverment officials, customers etc inproving the image of the company. Where are the TV ads, radio ads communicating a new DTB? A single press ad on a Sunday just wont do and whats with the foreign model?
I do really hope Diamond Trust Bank will take corrective action sooner much than later, before this becomes a new addition to their long line of marketing mis-steps

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