A view on the achievemnets of the present goverment









1. The past IPO’s (and hopefully the future ones) have been the most transparent priviatsations ever undertaken by an African country- easiest money any Kenyan has ever made.

2. Fat cats are no longer able to import maize, wheat on a whim and spoil market prices for crops and thus running down whole districts’ economies.

3. Cops will never tell you that they don’t have fuel “toa pesa ya mafuta”

4. Nairobi CBD is cleaner right now than it had been in the past decade.

5. Most of us got our jobs coz of growing opportunities- unlike pre-2000 when you had to wait for the incumbent to die or retire after eating to her/is fill. And the resulting opportunity is only available to the next of Kin.

6. You can now sell nearly all cash crops for a better price

7. interest rates are at their lowest ever.

8. banks are more willing to lend to the common mwananchi.

9 credit is more accessible now

10. the following were loss-making, Wananchi-owned entities that are making money and paying dividend to the ex-chequer

      – KPLC

      – National Bank

      – KCB (A true success story)

      – KBC

      – KPA

      – KPL

      – Kenye Re

      Kenya …………………etc

-On the way to recovery and catching the eye of all pastoralists …………..KMC.

11. we all paid school fees in primary, now our sibling are schooling for free.

12. Malarial treatment is free.

13 ARVs are being given in hosps.

14. we are sitting 14 pple in a matatu.

15. there has never been any (official) power rationing since 2003. though we have copped with the intermittent power black outs.

16. the best ever corporate profits were announced this year.

17. the tax man has spread his catchment to include unscrupulous business men flying under the radar.


The list is endless……………………………….. It is not the Railas Kiraitus that have made the 6% economic growth, it is the ever self conscious KENYANS.          Kibaki a baki.


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