Always Fresh…an innovative product with a good ad

In 2005 Procter and Gamble (P&G) acquired Gillette to form one of the largest consumer- goods company in the world. Some of the brands under P&G’s portfolio here in Kenya include Always, Pampers, Gillette, Oral –B, Ariel, Vicks and Duracell amongst others.

This year alone, P&G has launched two variants of Always – Always Nights and Always Fresh. They also hosted an Africa-wide dancing competition – Always Keep Moving – that generated a lot of interest in the youth because the winner in each Country received the opportunity to compete in South Africa against other African contestants.

They are currently running an ad to promote Always Fresh. In the ad, we see a beautiful young lady going about her business on what seems like the perfect sunny day. She is appropriately clad in a flowing sun-dress that flutters behind her as the breeze gently blows against it.  As she walks down the street, we see the contrast of the hustle and bustle going on around her as she remains calm.

When the scene cuts to the shot where they explain the science behind the product, we are made to understand that with new Always Fresh, the liquid released into pad not only turns to gel, it also releases a floral scent designed to give one the confidence they need even on those uncomfortable days. The scene then changes back to the girl who is now at a flower-shop buying a bouquet of flowers. She smiles as her dress keeps fluttering in the wind to signify that she doesn’t have any care in the world. The commercial then ends on a shot of the new Always Fresh pack and their tagline.

My female counterparts have informed me that Always Fresh is the most innovative product currently available in the local market, and it’s guaranteed to sell of the shelf. I take their word for it, all I know is that Always has remained as the pioneer in the market and they work very hard to keep improving their product range.  The use of the Kenyan voice over for the ad is also a very good idea as it helps us to quickly connect with the product.

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