Peter marangi, the duracoat ad continues to get rave reviews…

Good things

I saw a good ad on Friday (July 20), by Duracoat. The one featuring a guy called Marangi. I saw it while waiting for Die Hard 4.0 to start at NuMetro at The Junction. It had the guys in the hall laughing, briefly stopping them from complaining about the trillion awful classified ads that were screened before the movie. Then, over the weekend, I saw Duracoat’s Marangi character on a wall alongside Mombasa road in the form of life-size cut-outs painting on a fence. Really cool, tying in perfectly with the TV. Somewhere in Duracoat there’s a good marketing person who appreciates good ideas. I wonder how the radio sounds, but I think here’s a cool un-moronic campaign. Nice. Btw, 4.o was really good, in my philistine opinion. All those explosions and sfx lies.

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