Celtel Rebranding yet again? new service to be called Zein…

After the recent completion of the purchase of Celtel International by Kuwait’s MTC word on the street is Celtel is set to rebrand to Zein in the African market. As much as this decision might make alot of sense in a boardroom in Netherlands here on the ground in Nairobi it seems to be a fool hardy decision. After rebranding 3 years ago from Kencell, Celtel has not found its footing yet as Safaricom takes an early lead in the local market.

Its true that Celtel has become more agressive especially in Kenya making sure what Safaricom offers they offer if not better. Unfortuanately Kenyans have not quite gotten to relate to it completely and quite a large percentage still relate to it as Kencell. A name change to Zein would move it even further off the consumers mind as no one can relate too it. That might even give Econet, if they ever launch in Kenya a fair chance of catching up with them…

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds…

My bet is it wont be pretty and will take a long time 3 -5 years before that name gets entrenched here.

if i was to venture an opinion i would have said they were better off with the Kencell name

5 thoughts on “Celtel Rebranding yet again? new service to be called Zein…

  1. Celtel was almost gaining customer’s layalty here in Kenya but now its shifting to Zein. This really discourages people, anyway lets wait and see what zein is to come up with.

  2. I think thats the best thing that can happen to celtel. Zain is a global brand, and i think this will definitely enable celtel to offer more competitive services. I think also the transistion from kencell was not well co-ordinated and did not have the required vigour to completely stamp out kencell from the customers mind. Futhermore, the biggest impediment has been the ‘cel’ in both kencell and celtel. This makes it hard for the customer to distinguish the two, coz it requires more effort. Zain is different. With successful rebranding in Mid east opcos, i think zain represents the biggest chance celtel Africa, kenya in particular to excel. Unilever successfully rebranded EAI, much hullabaloo was made. Now, Unilever is more profitable than EAI, with a global brand and more products! Change is a good thing, if well thought out. I think this is well thought out.

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