Another one from Nokia, Grey SA

Commercial break

Ad:        “New Job ”
Client:        Nokia 2110 – Nokia Corporation

From humble beginnings way back in 1865 as a paper mill, Nokia  a Finish company has grown to be the number 1 handset manufacturer worldwide. In Africa they have designed different types of handsets that are unique to African conditions and that has seen them take a lead as the telecommunications reach continually expands. In Kenya the majority of mobile phone subscribers own a Nokia phone.

Nokia’s advertising especially in Kenya has been quite consistent and the use of humour has made their ads stand out. From the Nokia auditions ad where people are waiting to enter and they start dancing to Music from a Nokia 2310 to the 1110 with the voice recorder that a guy uses to record his boss singing then shares it with his colleagues. Although most of these ads are done is SA, they are quite relevant in this market.

In their most recent ad for the 2110, we see as someone gets a phone call, which they pick and talk. In true African fashion good news always needs to be shared and the woman spreads the news around, it’s about her gtandson who has gotten a new job at a computer chip firm.  As it moves from person to person it changes from Computer Chip firm, to potato dip firma and ends up as news reporter.

The next time he comes to visit one of his neighbours congratulates him for getting a job as a new reporter. He is quite perplexed and we change to a shot where he calls his grandma again. He instructs her to put the phone on loudspeaker and proceeds to explain that it’s a computer chip firm to which the grandmother remarks, “these youngsters they never stay in one place” The ad ends with a shot of the phone and the highlighted feature of the loud speaker and tagline.

Another ad from Nokia, which is not only creative but relevant. In Africa news spreads as people keep sharing the good tidings they have received with others. Unfortunately like the broken telephone information tends to get altered more often than not. That’s why Nokia phones come with a loud speaker, so the information can be shared without being altered. Finally an ad that is creative and very relevant, such ads are few and far between

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