KCB gets it right

Ad: “I wanna be with KCB ”

Client:  KCB

Kenya Commercial bank is one of Kenya’s largest indigenous banks with an asset base of over 100 billion shillings. After a period of bad losses and government interference in the 90’s, KCB re-branded and set course to reduce their non-performing loans portfolio, which has become one of their greatest success stories. This year they appointed a Kenyan CEO and announced an increase in after tax profits to keep up with other large international banks. This has seen them embark on a new corporate campaign.

The corporate campaign, which started flighting a few weeks back, involves a series of TV ads each speaking to a different audience. In one ad an executively dressed lady talks about her needs from a bank and the fact that she wants to deposit money here and use it elsewhere, in another, a mama mboga is shown talking about how she wants to expand her small business and make it grow and in another a college student talks about how he would like to become independent but still have his mum to do his laundry.  Other executions include a Kenyan Businessman, an Indian businessman, a newly employed graduate, among others.

While the scenes are almost the same, they all tell a different story that reflects how they would like a bank to fit into their current stage in life. They all end with them saying “I want to be with KCB.”

This campaign is a first for a Kenyan Bank as it brings out the banks diverse audiences and how the same bank fits in with all of them, instead of cramming them all into one ad. It is refreshingly different and also has an emotive appeal tied into a patriotic theme; from the song chosen to some of the words used to describe the bank.  It seems to say, don’t just choose KCB, choose KCB because you’re a Kenyan and we understand your ambitions.

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