Politics and my beloved country

I am very disappointed at our political leaders who are happy to sit on laurels and encourage lawlessess, fan tribal animosity and have the audacity to claim that the country is behind them. Today is the swearing in of MP’s and they will expand their fat wallets from our money…the taxpayer. None of the MPs has had the audacity to call for an end to the political impass via Dialogue , all except 1 – Kalonzo Musyoka.

Its sad but as leaders both Kibaki and Raila have failed Kenya, as blood is being spilled they are arguing about who is wrong and who deserves to be president. I don’t car who deserves to be President what i know is at the moment none of them deserve it. They have placed thier own follish interests over and above the interests of Kenyans and for that they shall be judged harshly.

As a Kenyan this is my country and i will leave in harmony with my brother and sister regardless of what tribe they come from. Why? because in Kenya there is only on tribe…the Kenyan tribe which i belong to.

God Bless Kenya

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