The Facade that is ODM leadership

Yesterday after meeting with Kofi Annan the two ploitical leaders, Raila odinga and President Mwai Kibaki agreedto work out thier differences and bring peace to Kenya a country that has been rocked by political violence. The violence has been instigated by political leaders with part of the ODM top brass having been implicated in ethnic cleansing activities in Rift Valley especially in Burnt Forest, Kuresoi and Eldoret with the excuse being the disputed presidential polls.

Both leaders gave thier speeches a committment to end the violence and come to an amicable peaceful solution for the good of the country. Right after that i was purturbed by an ODM press conference called to discredit the president for saying in his speech he was duly elected. I lost all respect for Anyang Nyong an educated man but one who lacks wisdom.

You see the ODM leadership likes to talk and make accusations that have no real backing and cannot stand in a court of law. Contrary to popular belief, Kibaki did win the election and the claims of rigging were all manufactured. Now the country has undergone a period of violence largely in Nairobi, Rift Valley and Kisumu and the ODM leaders have the audacity of still trying to bring in thier conditions to mediation talks? If they can not show respect to the President of Kenya then why should any of the Kenyan citizen show pay them any respect? They want to jostle for positions nad want to gain those positions at the expense of the lives of Kenyans, which only goes to prove they are as greedy and corrupt as thier corrupt counterparts in the Moi goverment. They forget that Kenya is also my country and i dont believe in that fasade they keep putting up…it doesnt fool me even one bit
Alot of people have lost thier lives and been displaced by the wave of ethnic cleansing sponsored by the ODM leaders, especially in Rift Valley but it shall haunt them one day.

As for the international press and international journalists, im tired of the pictures of tear gas and running battles and burning houses. People are going to work and life is back to normal, i wouldn’t expect the likes of CNN, NBC and ABC to know i mean Kenya is just another 3rd world country…with thier descriptions of the bad case for Democracy Kenya has become forgeting over 55% of the population did not vote for ODM…but how would they know the running battles make much better footage!!!  Shame on them!!!

As for the human rights activists why sit on the fence? Police get killed in kisumu not even one human rights activist says anything, but when looters are shot all hell breaks lose…who exactly are you defending?

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