And who do diplomats think they are?

Well i do get amazed by the European and American diplomats in this country who take every opportunity to impart their wisdom and position of their country on every small thing that happens here politically speaking. Yesterday they were on news calling for the cabinet to be formed faster and their threats on unspecified consequences of politians who stand in the way of a new cabinet.

Well the cabinet needed to be formed a long time ago, but who we kidding the American Ambassadeur and The British High commisioner dont care about you and me, they want to keep on interfering lending us money and charging us through the nose and keeping on harping about corruption when thier companies dont win contracts.

They are just imperialist who dont care about what happens to me and you…but how much influence thier goverments can exact on the Kenyan Goverment, making sure thier national interests are always considered above everyone else.

Sad they cant regulate what countries you can travel to since they do not and never will control the whole world, so if they deny you a visa to the UK or the US, take a trip to China, Turkey or Even Iran!!!

I want a new cabinet but every day the cabinet hasnt been formed i save a huge chunk of that 40 billion its going to cost me!!!

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