Fair & Lovely…not to lovely though

Commercial break

Ad: “Career Fair”
Client: Fair & Lovely – Unilever

Registered in 1949 as East Africa Industries Ltd and changing its name to Unilever Kenya Ltd. in 2000, the company is today one of the leading manufacturers of food, home and personal care products with a strong market leadership. Unilever’s brand portfolio includes well-known brands such as BlueBand, Royco, Homecup Tea, Omo, Geisha, Close-up, Ladygay, Fair &Lovely, Sunlight among others.

Fair & Lovely face cream was launched in Kenya in 1993 to meet the need of women looking for a clear, gentle and flawless complexion. In their new Fair & Lovely ad, a young lady in school uniform comes on screen and begins to talk about this new Career Fair sponsored by Fair and Lovely. The scenes change as she goes through the different careers that will be discussed at the Career Fair. At this point, her uniform changes into a doctor’s costume then into an engineer’s costume.

Throughout the ad, the young lady maintains a very ‘serious, matter-of –fact tone’ that simply communicates about the new Fair & Lovely Career Fair. At the end of the ad, listerners are not sure when it will be held or why it’s a must for the young girls in Kenya to attend. The ad ends on the Career Fair logo then the Fair & Lovely tagline – world’s number 1 fairness cream.

A Career Fair especially targeted to the youth is always a good idea and any brand that is looking to have inroads into this market needs to have a unique way of entry. The Career Fair ad for Fair & Lovely doesn’t quite bring out the level of excitement needed to captivate and connect with the youth audience. As Fair & Lovely looks to increase their audience by getting their primary target market – ladies to start using the product earlier in life, the right look and feel of communication is very important to enable the target market to accept the brand.

2 thoughts on “Fair & Lovely…not to lovely though

  1. I would like to apear in your AD for (a lady in a Top career )Iam a Telecommunications Engineer with a known company.

  2. hi fair and lovely.thanks for the good work ur doing to our students.i am a secondary school teacher and acareer trainer and a motivation speaker.how can i have a chance to participate in your fair

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