The Civil society nonsense!!!!

Well in today’s Standard Newspaper the civil society are up in arms against a 42 member cabinet which was announced last week. They have taken the tag as people fighting for Kenyans against the political class which is out to imporverish them. I keep wondering what exactly is the role of civil society? Aren’t they just a rag tag collection of so called NGO’s who are being funded by different imperialist to advance thier agenda’s?

Is it at all times Civil Society should always be against the ruling class always looking to make thier voices heard over one issue or another. I really get tired of having to listen to them…im a Kenyan and i dont think for a moment they have my best interests at heart.

As a Kenyan it will cost me more but if that is what it costs to have services equally rendered to all kenyans then so be it. I just wonder if the likes of Maina Kiai, Cyprian Nyamwamu and Mwalimu Mati will ever see anything positive in Kenya. All they ever talk about are the negatives which is what is wrong with the so called Civil Society!!!!

As for Martin Shikuku, i do think he needs to retire go home and stay there. His claims on the cabinet are quite suspect and it does seem he was angling for a position. Maybe he will become a Permanent Secretary, though if he ever does that’s the end of that ministry!!!

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