A timely ad…from an insurance company

Commercial break

Ad: “Protect your family”
Client: Madison Insurance

Madison Insurance has been in existence under the name Madison from way back in 1988 and has grown into a large insurance company with premiums of over 1 billion shillings. Located in Nairobi it has branches across the country offering both General and Life insurance packages. Madison Insurance is owned by Amedo Madison holdings which also owns Amedo Centres in Kenya.

Previous Madison advertising hasn’t been creative and their last advertising campaign was to introduce their new tagline and updated website. I t did feature a re-endition of a schools music fests’ coral verse recital. Most Madison advertising has centred on the use of stills which are then animated to tell a story, which is a cheap but not very memorable way to advertise.

In this new commercial currently on air we see a family and go through their line of activities across a normal day as the dd plays with the kids, the mum feeds them. We see them all happy and joyful as they interact together and we can decifer their interaction gives them great joy. As the pictures change the voice over expounds on the services that Madison Insurance has to offer for the whole family making sure that everyone is safe and well taken care off. The ad ends in the usuall fashion showing the Madison Insurance Logo and tagline “Stronger Together.”

This ad in itself is not anything worth writing home about. It’s not impactful communication neither is it captivating, with generic pictures of a black American family who don’t look a touch bit Kenyan enjoying their lives. The music is not too bad though it could have been more captivating so that people can hum along to it in the course of their day. That said, the placement of this ad was most defiantely brilliant. In the middle of conflict and controversy of politics and post election clashes Madison was reassuring the public that they were there to cover all Insurance needs. It was reassuring A Kenyan insurance Company, with the guts to stick with Kenyan’s through thick and thin…we need a whole lot more of those. Hats off to Madison Insurance!!!

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