Grand Regency…a scam or just playing politics?

Well in the news we have been hearing about Grand Regency, the grand scam as some Station put it yesterday though i still wonder is it a new scam, is there any corruption in it? Or is it time for MP’s to flex thier muscles and threaten censure so as to justify thier large salaries?

Granted to me the normal Kenyan,  the sale of Grand Regency is not a big issue. If the value of the asset was what it is according to prevailing rates then by all means sell it. I have been to the Grand Regency and i do  know what the politicians are not telling you. It is not a five star hotel more like a 4 star hotel. So if its as a result of  Goldenburg then sell the hotel and proceeds to be used to supplement the budget. As for the buyer being the Libyan Government, its fine by me we have seen soverign funds Asia buying shareholdings in some of the world’s largest banks so it hardly raises an eyebrow. If they have the money they can pay why not?

Its quite laughable that Cyrus Jirongo would lead a procession to protest the sale as grand corruption, while he has been accused of many corrupt deals in the past and never did explain himself. I do question the sincerelity of any of our MP’s who are wolves in sheep clothing. Chris Okemo was one of those who have many dealings that cannot be explained and he says he has the moral authority to judge another!!!

As for Kimunya if he got the best price by all means!!! i support him, whover the buyer was i dont care lets move on to other things which are more constructive for our country.

I keep wondering why cant we ever give politicians a black out?

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