Iced Tea in Kenya??? in a very tacky bottle!!!

is it just me or is the guy in the background drinking from an unopened bottle?Iced Tea in the kenyan market...but the packaging is horrible


And the Kenyans emerge tops in the Olympics!!!

Saturday night or should i say early Sunday morning was a fantastic day for Kenya as the men’s marathon took off. The Kenyan’s set a furious pace that saw many of thier competitors start falling behind. By halfway the leading pack had dwindled to 7 and by 36 km the Kenyan – Samuel Wanjiru who they Supersport guys kept referring to as Wansiru, made his move which resulted in Kenya’s first marathon gold medal and a new Olympic Record.

An amazing run that deserves all the kudos…and to the entire Beijing Olympic Games team those who won medals and even those who didnt you have done th

Zain’s new Vuka tariff…a God send for Kenyan consumers

Well i should say finally Zain has latched on the one thing that can unlock Safaricom’s dominance in this market since they will stop the clubbing effect that Safaricom has been promoting. It would be interesting to see how the other players react especially Safaricom.

Coming to the aspect of Safaricom shares i totally disagree with you. Safaricom will continue being a a blue chip stock in the local NSE market as much as thier share price is declining. Unfortunately Kenyan’s always approach IPO’s as a chance to make quick money without looking at the company fundamentals

As for the case of Mobitelea that never influenced the pricing of shares neither or the sale to the public. It would be interesting to find out what the price of the shares will be once the market gets off its current bear run.

But Kudo’s to Zain the Vuka tariff is a brilliant idea

Kenya’s Telecommunication industry expands…

Well finally after a 3 month wait Telkom Kenya has launched the Orange Brand into the Kenyan market which joins the roster of on of the few anglophone countries with the Orange Brand. Of course coming into a market where the run away leader Safaricom has over 10 million subscribers its going to be quite a task.

Already Zain is showing some renewed effort at trying to learn and understand the local market which is one of their only loss making operation in 21 countries. Unfortunately for Orange, success in the Kenyan market is not exactly a guarantee one does need to know and understand the local market. As Michael Joseph did say Kenyans are very peculiar people. He did get flack for it but 4 years down the road he was very right.

Imperial Bank launches ATM drive donation campaign

Imperial bank one of Kenya midsized banks has launched an ATM donation campaign in conjuntion with UNICEF. The campaign which is a first in East and Central Africa enables anyone who has a ATM be able to donate via Kenya’s wide network of PesaPoint ATM’s and Imperial Bank ATM’s. A good move by a mid sized bank replicating what big banks like HSBC have been able to do in advanced markets. Just wondering how comes none of the big boys in Kenya’s banking industry had latched onto the opportunity. Check out their mini site on