The Waki Report and our wishy washy politicians

Well finally our Mp’s have proved that none of them are worth anything and they have no sense of morality or even decency. Yesterday a section of the PNU Mp’s and the whole of ODM rejected the Waki Report in totality. It was a sad day for the country when the people elected to represent the Kenyan people are holding out on justice just because some of them are tainted and guilty.

I’m not surprised that all our MP’s every think about is themselves and thier interests always come before the interest of the Kenyan mwananchi. And as the political elite continue to make themselves richer the poorer get poorer and they will never be able to find justice. I happened to watch Ababu on KTn newsline trying to defend thier decision pining it on the fact that the post election violence was caused by the announcement of the Election results whereas we know that the attacks had been planned long before the Election took place. Not withstanding the fact that from the Kreigler Report the claims of rigging as ODM had claimed were found to have no shred of evidence.

And this are the same bunch of MP’s who want us to trust them with the constitution review process and are proposing a parliamentary system of goverment?

I am disappointed by our Mp’s but then i never had any expectation of them to make any difference, i just pray and hope that in 2012 we will all be wiser.


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Ad: “Vuuuuuuuka”

Client: Vuka Tariff – Zain Kenya

Zain is a leading mobile and data services operator with licenses in 22 Middle Eastern and African countries with over 16,000 employees providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over. In September 2007, MTC Group announced it has re-branded to Zain across the markets MTC operated in.

Counting this is the very first outing for Zain in Kenya and coming off the back of a very unprofitable outing for Celtel Kenya definitely their work is cut out for them. Previously Celtel ads were largely Pan African before they changed to local ads for their Mambo 6 and the Pamoja tariff. The competition is hotting up with the entry of Orange and the impending entry of Econet wireless.

In this very first product ad for Zain we open on a shot of a bunch of friends who drive up to some place. They get out of the gate and we can envision they most probably were told where the party was. We see as they discuss where the party is as they walk to where we see a wall. One of the guy’s peers over the wall where we see a large number of guys in a bash, and the guy peering over the wall is quite surprised.

The guys in the bash, urge the guy to “Vuka” as in get over the fence and join the party in this case read join Zain on the new Vuka tariff. The guy tells his palls and jumps over the fence to join the party and they all follow him Vukaing to the new Vuka tariff here shown as the bash. The VO takes us through the steps one needs to take to move to the “Vuka” tariff and its benefits. The ad ends on the Vuka tariff logo and the Zain corporate logo. Zain has also been doing radio activations and billboards which have significantly raised the awareness of the tariff.

Well after relaunching from Celtel to Zain, I have to admit that Zain have understood our market well to launch a tariff like Vuka. It is a compelling tariff that means you do not having to think what network you are calling coz it’s all at the same price. To top it up this ad aptly demonstrates what the Vuka tariff is all about and furthermore it was shot in Kenya another plus for Zain unlike their predecessor Celtel who had a habit of running pan African ads in the Kenyan market. This is a good ad for a fantastic product that should see a lot of people “Vukaing.”

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Ad: “Whenever, wherever

Client: Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate – Cadbury’s Kenya

Cadbury plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and is the world’s largest confectionery manufacturer. The firm was formerly known as Cadbury Schweppes plc before demerging in May 2008, separating its global confectionery business from its Americas beverage unit, which has been renamed Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.

Locally Cadbury’s has been an ardent advertiser with different campaigns across the years. Some of the noticeable once included the Dairy Milk ad which showed the glasses of milk that went into each chocolate bar, the world of Cadbury’s ad where everything is made of chocolate and the new what’s in your cup campaign for Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate.

In this new ad we see people doing different things. We have someone fixing something in a kitchen standing on a step ladder. As the shot zooms out we see a pretty lady enter the scene with 2 cups of chocolate. The guy almost trips over himself as he to get down the ladder to have his cup of hot chocolate. In the next scene we see some guys out camping as they are setting up a tent. One guy is in the tent and the other outside as their companion obviously a pretty lady approaches them with cups of chocolate. They all embark on enjoying the chocolate even as the tent they have labored to put’s up crumbles down. They laugh at the scene as they continue to enjoy their drinking chocolate. The V/O extols the fact that you can have your drinking chocolate wherever, whenever whether hot or cold.

Quite a nice ad that goes hand in hand with the change of the weather which we can’t quite predict with certainty like before. At least we know we can rely on Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate to sort us out even when the weather changes. The campaign has also is running on radio with quite a catch tune that sticks and one always wants to hum along. Coming on the back of Cadbury’s win at Cannes, the premier Advertising Festival with the gorilla ad this campaign enhances their credentials. Just wondering if the gorilla ad will ever run on our local stations, it would be a shame if it didn’t…

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Ad: “Gentle on baby, gentle on you’

Client: Johnson & Johnson Kenya

Johnson & Johnson is a global American pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. Among its well-known consumer products are the Band-Aid Brand line of bandages, Tylenol medications, Johnson’s baby products, Neutrogena skin and beauty products, Clean & Clear facial wash and Acuvue contact lenses. Currently Johnson and Johnson has over 250 operating companies in 57 countries around the world.

In Kenya Johnson &Johnson moved closed their manufacturing operations in Kenya and appointed a marketing and distribution partner to supply their products. Some of their products like their baby care range have kept their premier positioning as the most loved products for babies locally

In this ad we see a very cute young baby in those private moments of bath time as he enjoys as his mother baths him. He kicks around excitedly as different surfaces are washed, then we see as he is dried with a towel. His mum then applies Johnson and Johnson baby oil which is gentle on baby and we can see the baby is quite happy. The mother then applies some baby oil on herself and the ad ends on a shot where we are looking through what looks like a glass pane showing the baby’s soft face. The pane is moved and we find out infact it’s the mother’s soft face since she uses Johnson and Johnson baby care range. The ad ends on the pack shot and the line “best for baby, best for you.”

A nice emotional ad from Johnson & Johnson that highlighting those special moments shared between mother and child. We know mothers will always want the very best for their babies and showing the use of Johnson and Johnson they are doing the very best for their babies which is also good for their skin. A well done emotional and convincing ad.

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Ad: “Twende, Twende’

Client: Orange – Telkom Kenya

Telkom Kenya for a long while has been the big non-profitable fixed line operator with an ailing infrastructure and riddled with bureaucracy. Last year the government sold a controlling stake to France Telkom and also gave Telkom Kenya a mobile network license. Over the last few months Telkom Kenya has rebranded to sport a new logo and introduced the Orange brand into the local market.

Orange, is the brand used by France Telecom for its mobile network operator and Internet service provider subsidiaries. The brand was created in 1994 for Hutchison Telecom‘s UK mobile phone network, which was acquired by France Telecom in 2001. Orange across the world has over 100 million customers in more than 20 countries.

In their new ad which is currently running we open on a small girl in one of the cities estates as she throwns a leso down to a boy on the ground floor. We then go through different scenes of different people will different cloths and materials all joyful as they come together to head to one location.

The scene changes and we see them walking up the side of a hill to a central location. We can see they are many different and diverse people from all walks of life. They proceed to get together and we can see them working on something that involves all the pieces of material with the occasional sideshows. At the very end the camera pulls back and we see all of them holding a rope and then we see what they have been working on. A big colourful kite flying in the air with many diverse colourful colours which are as colourful as the Kenyan people. The ad features a well known song by Kenyan renown artist Eric Wainaina “twende , Twende’ all the way to the end. The ad ends with the Orange logo and the line “together we can do more.”

Its not always that you find a commercial that is inspiring and uplifting by directly showing things that happen in everyday life in the life’s of different people so well like this Orange commercial. The scenes are natural and at the very end getting to see how together people can get accomplish more. The choice of the song “Twende Twende” by Eric Wainaina was just genius and this ad deserves 2 thumbs up for a job well done.

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Ad: “Linda kila tone la maji’

Client: Waterguard – PSI

PSI is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that harnesses the vitality of the private sector to address the health problems of low-income and vulnerable populations in more than 60 developing countries. Founded in 1970 it initially concentrated on reproductive health using commercial marketing strategies. In Kenya their programs cover Malaria Prevention, HIV/Aids, Reproductive Health and Water and Child survival.

Waterguard, is a chlorine-based water treatment product that when added to water purifies it from bacteria that causes cholera, diarrhea and other fatal diseases that are rampant throughout Kenya. Currently Waterguard is sold through chemists, supermarket and stores across Kenya.

In this new ad for Waterguard we open on a scene of peri-urban area somewhere in Kenya. The ad is shot in black and white and we here a mother talk about the activities that her children engage in as we see them running around playing. We see as she goes to get water at the community tap and bring it home for her family.

We see as the children when they come to drink water from the water already gotten from the tap. Just as the kid is about to drink the water the commercial freezes and we rewind the activities to where we see the talking. She says since she knows that she should protect the water her family drinks, she treats it with Waterguard. We then see her child drinking the treated water and end on a shot of a happy mother and a healthy child hugging with the line “Waterguard….linda kila tone la maji.”

This is a very good ad that brings out the benefits of Waterguard, a chemical used to effectively treat water. The emotional appeal showing that the mother loves her children so she does everything to protect them even from germs that could be in the cleanest of water. I believe this ad will go along way in changing behaviour especially in urban and peri-urban areas in Kenya.