Commercial break

Ad: “Whenever, wherever

Client: Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate – Cadbury’s Kenya

Cadbury plc is a confectionery and beverage company with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom, and is the world’s largest confectionery manufacturer. The firm was formerly known as Cadbury Schweppes plc before demerging in May 2008, separating its global confectionery business from its Americas beverage unit, which has been renamed Dr Pepper Snapple Group Inc.

Locally Cadbury’s has been an ardent advertiser with different campaigns across the years. Some of the noticeable once included the Dairy Milk ad which showed the glasses of milk that went into each chocolate bar, the world of Cadbury’s ad where everything is made of chocolate and the new what’s in your cup campaign for Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate.

In this new ad we see people doing different things. We have someone fixing something in a kitchen standing on a step ladder. As the shot zooms out we see a pretty lady enter the scene with 2 cups of chocolate. The guy almost trips over himself as he to get down the ladder to have his cup of hot chocolate. In the next scene we see some guys out camping as they are setting up a tent. One guy is in the tent and the other outside as their companion obviously a pretty lady approaches them with cups of chocolate. They all embark on enjoying the chocolate even as the tent they have labored to put’s up crumbles down. They laugh at the scene as they continue to enjoy their drinking chocolate. The V/O extols the fact that you can have your drinking chocolate wherever, whenever whether hot or cold.

Quite a nice ad that goes hand in hand with the change of the weather which we can’t quite predict with certainty like before. At least we know we can rely on Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate to sort us out even when the weather changes. The campaign has also is running on radio with quite a catch tune that sticks and one always wants to hum along. Coming on the back of Cadbury’s win at Cannes, the premier Advertising Festival with the gorilla ad this campaign enhances their credentials. Just wondering if the gorilla ad will ever run on our local stations, it would be a shame if it didn’t…

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