Commercial break

Ad: “Vuuuuuuuka”

Client: Vuka Tariff – Zain Kenya

Zain is a leading mobile and data services operator with licenses in 22 Middle Eastern and African countries with over 16,000 employees providing a comprehensive range of mobile voice and data services to over. In September 2007, MTC Group announced it has re-branded to Zain across the markets MTC operated in.

Counting this is the very first outing for Zain in Kenya and coming off the back of a very unprofitable outing for Celtel Kenya definitely their work is cut out for them. Previously Celtel ads were largely Pan African before they changed to local ads for their Mambo 6 and the Pamoja tariff. The competition is hotting up with the entry of Orange and the impending entry of Econet wireless.

In this very first product ad for Zain we open on a shot of a bunch of friends who drive up to some place. They get out of the gate and we can envision they most probably were told where the party was. We see as they discuss where the party is as they walk to where we see a wall. One of the guy’s peers over the wall where we see a large number of guys in a bash, and the guy peering over the wall is quite surprised.

The guys in the bash, urge the guy to “Vuka” as in get over the fence and join the party in this case read join Zain on the new Vuka tariff. The guy tells his palls and jumps over the fence to join the party and they all follow him Vukaing to the new Vuka tariff here shown as the bash. The VO takes us through the steps one needs to take to move to the “Vuka” tariff and its benefits. The ad ends on the Vuka tariff logo and the Zain corporate logo. Zain has also been doing radio activations and billboards which have significantly raised the awareness of the tariff.

Well after relaunching from Celtel to Zain, I have to admit that Zain have understood our market well to launch a tariff like Vuka. It is a compelling tariff that means you do not having to think what network you are calling coz it’s all at the same price. To top it up this ad aptly demonstrates what the Vuka tariff is all about and furthermore it was shot in Kenya another plus for Zain unlike their predecessor Celtel who had a habit of running pan African ads in the Kenyan market. This is a good ad for a fantastic product that should see a lot of people “Vukaing.”

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