Commercial break

Ad: “Linda kila tone la maji’

Client: Waterguard – PSI

PSI is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. that harnesses the vitality of the private sector to address the health problems of low-income and vulnerable populations in more than 60 developing countries. Founded in 1970 it initially concentrated on reproductive health using commercial marketing strategies. In Kenya their programs cover Malaria Prevention, HIV/Aids, Reproductive Health and Water and Child survival.

Waterguard, is a chlorine-based water treatment product that when added to water purifies it from bacteria that causes cholera, diarrhea and other fatal diseases that are rampant throughout Kenya. Currently Waterguard is sold through chemists, supermarket and stores across Kenya.

In this new ad for Waterguard we open on a scene of peri-urban area somewhere in Kenya. The ad is shot in black and white and we here a mother talk about the activities that her children engage in as we see them running around playing. We see as she goes to get water at the community tap and bring it home for her family.

We see as the children when they come to drink water from the water already gotten from the tap. Just as the kid is about to drink the water the commercial freezes and we rewind the activities to where we see the talking. She says since she knows that she should protect the water her family drinks, she treats it with Waterguard. We then see her child drinking the treated water and end on a shot of a happy mother and a healthy child hugging with the line “Waterguard….linda kila tone la maji.”

This is a very good ad that brings out the benefits of Waterguard, a chemical used to effectively treat water. The emotional appeal showing that the mother loves her children so she does everything to protect them even from germs that could be in the cleanest of water. I believe this ad will go along way in changing behaviour especially in urban and peri-urban areas in Kenya.

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