The Waki Report and our wishy washy politicians

Well finally our Mp’s have proved that none of them are worth anything and they have no sense of morality or even decency. Yesterday a section of the PNU Mp’s and the whole of ODM rejected the Waki Report in totality. It was a sad day for the country when the people elected to represent the Kenyan people are holding out on justice just because some of them are tainted and guilty.

I’m not surprised that all our MP’s every think about is themselves and thier interests always come before the interest of the Kenyan mwananchi. And as the political elite continue to make themselves richer the poorer get poorer and they will never be able to find justice. I happened to watch Ababu on KTn newsline trying to defend thier decision pining it on the fact that the post election violence was caused by the announcement of the Election results whereas we know that the attacks had been planned long before the Election took place. Not withstanding the fact that from the Kreigler Report the claims of rigging as ODM had claimed were found to have no shred of evidence.

And this are the same bunch of MP’s who want us to trust them with the constitution review process and are proposing a parliamentary system of goverment?

I am disappointed by our Mp’s but then i never had any expectation of them to make any difference, i just pray and hope that in 2012 we will all be wiser.

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