Obama day

Today is Friday 7th November, but yesterday in Kenya was a public holiday to celebrate Obama’s win in the US. Now alot of people have questioned the rationale of that and shouldn’t we be working to continue building our economy and many other such like arguments. I guess i think differently, shouldn’t we be personally working to grow our own economic ability even if the day is a public holiday?  Shouldn’t we be inspired by Barack Obama’s win sufficiently for us to stand up and be able to say we also can succeed in our different ways and change our community, our towns our country and ultimately the world?

I totally enjoyed my holiday yesterday and took time to visit Thika town, a town growing to become an Industrial powerhouse in Kenya. I was glad for the holiday as my eyes were opened new opportunities i can tap to. If you think yesterday was a wasted day for kenya’s economy…isn’t the economy built by the little things we do? I know yesterday i did my part…

Hope you had an eventful Obama day


Commercial break

Ad: “Dry skin”

Client: Dettol Soap – Reckitt Beckeiser

Dettol (also called parachlorometaxylenol, or PCMX) is the name of a commercial liquid antiseptic belonging to a product line of household products manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser. Reckitt Benckiser has operations in more than sixty countries and sells its products in more than 180 countries. Dettol is a local household brand that has been the leading antiseptic in Kenya for a long time. Currently the Dettol brand has been extended to soaps & hand wash.

As a perennial advertiser, Dettol has been running different ads for different products from different varieties of soap, the one with the teenage boy who is always too tired to do go out and the soap rejuvenates him to the boy who likes dirty water in a construction site since his parents have no issues with him playing in dirty water.

In this new commercial we begin on a shot of fancy upscale restaurant as we see a certain guy seating all by himself. We cut to a shot of a chic on the phone asking her pal where she is. Her friend is at home and she cannot leave since her skin is dry and not attractive. We cut to a shot of her when her friend arrives who takes a look at her face and prescribes that she should use Dettol’s new antibacterial soap.

We then cut to the now all so familiar shots of all the different ways germs get onto our skin and why we need to use Dettol. The sad chick who is unhappy about her skin uses dettol and she is instantly transformed into a happy lighter chic complete with the pink prom dress for her date. This time around she doesn’t bounce the guy who is most definitely happy to see her. The ad ends which the now characteristic Dettol tagline “ If we don’t look after ourselves, who will”

This is the new ad for Dettol pink which is targeted women who want to keep their dry skin smooth and supple. The product is good that is without any doubt but the commercial does let it down with the same cliché scenes in all other beauty creams showing the before and after effects of using the brand with over dramatized effects. Surely Dettol could have done a much better job with this ad but they choose to go ahead with the tried, tested and bland route.