Obama day

Today is Friday 7th November, but yesterday in Kenya was a public holiday to celebrate Obama’s win in the US. Now alot of people have questioned the rationale of that and shouldn’t we be working to continue building our economy and many other such like arguments. I guess i think differently, shouldn’t we be personally working to grow our own economic ability even if the day is a public holiday?  Shouldn’t we be inspired by Barack Obama’s win sufficiently for us to stand up and be able to say we also can succeed in our different ways and change our community, our towns our country and ultimately the world?

I totally enjoyed my holiday yesterday and took time to visit Thika town, a town growing to become an Industrial powerhouse in Kenya. I was glad for the holiday as my eyes were opened new opportunities i can tap to. If you think yesterday was a wasted day for kenya’s economy…isn’t the economy built by the little things we do? I know yesterday i did my part…

Hope you had an eventful Obama day

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