Commercial break

Ad: “One life, one Bank”

Client: NIC Bank

NIC Bank previously known as National industrial Credit Bank has been in operation for the last 40 years initially as a non banking financial institution. NIC turned into a bank in 1995 and merged with Ambank in 1997. Currently NIC Bank is a second tier bank listed on the NSE, and just recently bought a stake in Solid Securities renaming it NIC Capital.

NIC Bank has stood out in the second tier banking category largely due to introducing MOVE one of the most innovative retail banking concepts in the Kenyan banking industry. MOVE made the bank stand out as a trendy bank which changed the face of banking in Kenya. The MOVE concept was widely successful and has been copied and replicated by other banks with different offerings. NIC Bank had quite relaxed in their Corporate advertising concentrating more on product campaigns.

Their newest TV ad opens on a shot of a street with quite a number of people walking on a street. They all look dreary and very dull wearing grey suits. All of a sudden into the screen walks a beautiful lady in a brightly coloured dress. She is joined by masses of happy people all dressed in bright new colours looking vibrant as the dull people in grey suits began disappearing into the shadows.

The V/O talks about how NIC Bank has changed the dull boring world of banking and made it vibrant. The ad ends on the new NIC logo and their new tagline NIC Bank “one life, one bank.” Their current campaign has press ads highlighting the fact that in actual fact you only need one bank in life, NIC Bank which offers you all the services you need from any bank. The ads sport the new NIC logo and tagline, “one life, one bank.”

This new NIC Bank corporate campaign capitalizes on their flair of being a vibrant bank and the key truth that quite a sizeable number of Kenyans operate more than one bank account. Normally Corporate campaign are usually laid back and normally follow the tried and tested path of showing what the company owns and how good their operations are. This campaign though is about the people and a new vibrant way of banking that started with the introduction of MOVE but is now part of everything NIC Bank does. This is a different kind of corporate campaign, for a vibrant kind of bank…and I like it.

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