Commercial break

Ad: “It’s the simple things you do”

Client: YU – Econet Wireless International

Econet Wireless, Kenya‘s fourth cellular operator finally launched its services in the Kenyan market after almost 4 years. Majority owned by Econet Wireless International, which is in turn held by India’s Essar, Kenya’s Econet was due to launch services next month. The network launched as YU currently offers a tariff with a flat fee rate of 7/50 per minute to calls across all networks and an offer for 75 cents back for calls from other networks.

In their very first communication in this market, the ad opens on different dull scenes showing different places where people look quite bored and life is moving slowly. A scene of a playing field with a bunch of bored looking youngsters, a pretty lady sitting behind a pick-up in the rain and a bunch of guys on a street getting their shoes shined with no banter.

The scene changes we see different people enter the scenes doing small things that make everyone who was previously dull brighten up. The guy who jumps on the back of the pick-up with an umbrella to save the lady from the rain and the young guy who begins playing a nyatiti imparting rhythm to the dull situation. People’s faces brighten and the gloom disappears. We then cut to the YU logo and tagline “For the simple things you do.”

A good attempt by a new mobile operator who makes a good statement of what they have to offer without quite copying what has already been said by the other 3 players. The campaign brings out the human aspect of the brand which also does come through in their press ads. They do deserve kudo’s for the YU logo which encompasses the colours of the Kenyan flag which I thought was a pretty clever idea. All in all this is a nice ad which does differentiate YU in this market and position the new mobile network as one to watch out for.

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