A trip to Embu Town

A bit of History about Embu town from wikipaedia.org

Embu is a large town in Kenya, located approximately 120 kilometers (75 miles) northeast of Nairobi towards Mount Kenya. Embu serves as the provincial headquarters of Eastern Province in Kenya and is also the district headquarters of Embu District. Located on the southeastern slopes of Mount Kenya, the town of Embu has a population of 41,092 (as of 1999).


Embu town is a quaint little town which serves as the provincial headquarters of  Eastern province. The road is quite nice and its about an hour’s drive from Nairobi. The town boasts quite a number of banks including KCB, Equity Bank, Family Bank, Consolidated Bank, National Bank and  Postbank.

It also has the provincial hospital and quite a number of educational institutions. The place to stay is Izaak Walton Inn, which charges 3,500 for a double room and 5,000 for a superior room.  The rooms were quite nice with a hot water shower and a TV with DSTV in each room. The inn also has a bar a restaurant and a swimming pool. Other hotels in Embu include Villa Hotel, Minni inn, Embu Hotels etc.

For dinner i would recommend Morning Glory Hotel on the main street right next to National Bank. They have very good food, friendly service and nice big portions from a comprehensive menu which includes Chicken and Beef.

The major petrol stations can be found here with the Pesapoint available at the Kobil Petrol station near Consolidated Bank on the main street. The presence of Naiva’s supermarket makes it a familiar site if you are from Nairobi though curiously there are 2 Nakumatt billboards with the nearest Nakumatt being in Meru over 150 km away.

If you haven’t been to Embu town, take some time and enjoy the drive there getting away from the hassle & bustle of Nairobi. Its extremely refreshing and rejuvenating.


4 thoughts on “A trip to Embu Town

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