even our Prime Minister Raila Odinga needs to take Responsibility

This has been an eventful week that began with a legalized student demonstration through the streets of Nairobi. Now im a Kenyan and i know there is nothing like a peaceful demonstration especially where University students are involved. So it was quite interesting when the Prime Minister actually gave a directive that the march should be legallized and that the police should offer protection. The protests began well with the march to hand out petitions to various goverment organs within the CBD. After that the students were to go back to campus but they proceeded to blockade Uhuru Highway with trucks, harass motorists and pelt them with stones.

Worst of all they proceeded to root businesses in the vicinity in the full glare of the camera’s and of course engage in thier all favourite partime sport of engaging the police in running battles. Of course the Student Leadership did apologise and shift blame from thier students to other holigans who may have joined the protests as they refused to take responsibility.

Worst of all though was the Prime Minister, Raila Odinga said he did not authorise the demonstration and he cannot be blamed for the looting that took place. This from the number 2 principle in the country!!!! How do we expect him then to take responsibility for all the other scandals in the coalition goverment if he can take responsibility for a small thing as an University students demo???? I am quite disappointed in his leadership, the Prime Minister post comes with good money, cars and many other trapping, he just forgot it also comes with one of the biggest things Kenya currently lacks – Responsible Leadership.

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