Commercial Break – Coke Brrrr

Ad: “Brrr…on the Coke side of life”

Client: Coca Cola

Coca Cola as a brand needs no introduction and locally Coca Cola has been expanding their product lines to offer more than just soda. In the Kenyan market they offer water, juice, coffee and mixes under a number of different brands like Minute Maid, Chaywa, Dasani, Novida, Schweppes etc.

Last year, Coca Cola launched the original “Brrr” campaign ad, which caused a stir worldwide and in Africa. Locally the ad was quite a hit and it did help that the lead actor was local and is popularly known due to his comedy on one of the leading local stations. It’s not often that a commercial works its way into the fabric of society and becomes a universally adopted catchphrase, but in this case “Brrr” became a buzz word both locally and internationally.

The new “Brrr” commercial is the second phase of the campaign showing the spread of the African “Brrr” effect from country to country. The commercial begins in an International conference and we can see there is an air of boredom in the room. It looks hot and stuffy and our African leader and his sidekick quite bored, when the sidekick has a bright idea and produces a cold Coke from his bag. The African leader picks up the soda and takes a well deserved sip and produces a loud “Brrr” that reverberates across the room.

Everyone around the room is jolted back into reality, as people start to wonder what the “Brrr” is. We see as the Brrr sound travels from country to country, as different people try out Coca Cola including the huge guy in a tavern in the US whose “Brrr” sound reverberates all throughout the Grand Canyon. The ad ends as the African leader is trying to tutor the Japanese ambassador on how to do a “Brrr” which they can’t quite do. In desperation Charles offers him a Coke and after a sip he does a perfect “Brrr.” The ad then ends with the line “Its Brrr on the Coke side of Life.”

The first phase of this particular campaign was fun and counting it was shot in Zanzibar was really easy to relate to. Charles Bukeko, the lead actor did a fantastic job and since the campaign was quite humourous making “Brrr” part of local lingo. In this ad the African “Brrr” is being exported internationally to other markets, to continue the Coke side of life theme. In my opinion, this ad is quite good though it lacks the spark the first ad had maybe due to the fact that its more suited for an international audience since it looks to exporting the African “Brrr” to the rest of the world, or maybe its because it’s a sequel. A good ad but the first one was excellent.

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