Hunger alleviation for dummies – Kenyan edition!!!

I should say that this has got to be the most brilliant idea that has ever been effected in this market in regards to raising food for the starving population. Maybe for once the Goverment should watch and learn how its done, we could spin it off and call it “Hunger alleviation for dummies – Kenyan edition”

We have all talked about hunger, people starving and what we need or need not to do. There were food appeals but no one has mastered the art yet of galvanizing the ordinary kenyan to share the little they have than Radio Africa.

Here are the steps

  1. Join forces with a reputable NGO in this case Red Cross
  2. Talk about the campaign and set a target – in this case 200 tonnes and 2 million shillings.
  3. Look for the easiest way to let the ordinary mwananchi to invest – Drop off points at Nakumatt & Uchumi’s Countrywide. Mpesa the cash to a given number for Red Cross
  4. Set a definate timespan – 24 hours in this case on a particular day.
  5. Invite other partners to increase the appeal – Metro FM, Coro FM, Kamame FM, K24, Milele FM, Ghetto Radio, Iqra FM, Baraka FM, Kass FM, Homeboyz .
  6. Do it and announce the results – 264 tonnes and 2 million shillings.
  7. Invite Corporates to partner with you by reducing the price of stuff being bought and contributing some of the proceeds to the venture – Unga, Pembe, Inca’s etc

Howz that for one day of work?

As for the Capital FM, Standard Group, KCB and Railways Mercy Train campaign i dont see it being as effective as the 24 hours for Kenya campaign. Im sorry but we are a very immediate generation, who want to donate today not in the next few weeks or one month. They should have thrown in thier lot with all the other stations and do one big thing!!! Guess that boat has sailed!!!

As for the Goverment i guess we should make this into a manual for the special programs ministry…it might help them, just might…

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