Raila and Kibaki fail to see eye to eye…at a 23 million shillings retreat!!

Well if any of the principles had bothered to check with me i would have advised them that spending 23 million for a retreat at the Kilanguni Serena Lodge in the Tsavo was not the very best way to sort out issues. To make matters worse they had to troop out there with their entourage…or should i say the political weights who make every decision a whole lot harder since they also want a say in every decision made.

So we have had a whole weekend of accusations and counter accusations from the 2 sides in the grand coalition. I dont believe either and my advice would be next time Kibaki and Raila should get at it alone so that sobreity can prevail, coz for as long as thier entourage is there with them, nothing will ever be achieved.

I totally agree with the sentiments of this blogger –

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

it defies logic why these guys met at Kilanguni and why they or kenyans in general expected different results.

its the same people, same egotistic and intransigent mindsets buoyed by both a false sense of dominance and pompousness masking sheer arrogance and mindlessly selfish stupidity.

nothing has changed in the approach to national issues, the composition remains of the same group of hard nuts, so what different outcome was expected of the meeting? casting the net further, what different outcome are we supposed to expect of the GCG if they have determined to deliberately continue to pull in different directions all the time

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