Commercial break – “Pilsner Imara”

Ad: “Imara”

Client: Pilsner – East African Breweries

Pilsner Lager in Kenya originally belonged to the ALLSOPPS brewery, which later merged, with TUSKER Brewery in the 1930s and is It is a worldwide beer that is brewed in Canada, US, Europe and UK. It has a distinctive taste, and is perceived to be strong in alcoholic content higher than 4.7% ABV (Alcohol by volume), a smooth beer and gives a quick kick.

In this new ad for Pilsner, we open on a guy sitting in a mathree in a normal town setting. He is with his friend in the matatu, when he gets a phone call from his other friend who is waiting for them at the pub. The guy puts the phone next to a newly open bottle of Pilsner and our hero can hear the sizzle of the ice cold Pilsner Ice. He stands up like someone in a daze and walks out of the matatu to go find out what is holding up the traffic.

He passes a lot of cars and comes to a truck, which is the cause of the traffic jam. The truck’s body is too high and it cannot fit under the flyover. We see different people arguing about the best way to go around in solving the problem when our hero has a brilliant idea, a light bulb moment and we see as he goes round deflating the truck tires which then enables the truck to pass. He walks back as everyone is congratulating him and gets to the bar to have his favourite drink – Pilsner. The ad ends on the guy holding his Pilsner and the line “ Imara Kama Simba.”

This new campaign takes the “ Imara kama Simba” to a new level, from the initial one where the man was shown as a Simba through his shadow. Here we have also moved from the jungle as we know it to the concrete jungle where the guy who takes Pilsner has to use wit and wisdom to prove he is a Simba. Unfortunately certain aspects of this campaign rely on others to be fully understood, as the press ads & billboards only make sense once you have seen the TV ads. I’m quite impressed that EABL created a mini-site for this brand and it’s a practice they should continue with all their other brands. At the end of the day, this is a good ad that breathes new thinking to an old positioning statement and the products positioning in the market.

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