Martha & Mungatana walk the talk…at least we have politicians who still have thier spines

So as of today we have one less minister and assistant minister following the resignations of Hon Martha Karua and Hon Mungatana both who are from Narc Kenya. I for one am glad that we have one less minister making our broad cabinet shrink,  just a bit. I respect Martha Karua alot she is an “iron lady” and more and more of the kind of autocratic leader that Kenya needs if we are to grow exponentially like the Asian Tigers. I respect her since she isnt a wishy washy politicians like the current crop of politicians we have from both PNU, ODM-K and ODM. I mean i really thought that Raila had what it took but a little bit of power has turned him into just another also run politician with nothing to offer and i frankly expect nothing from him.

So to the Iron Lady Martha Karua i give you the thumbs up for proving you are more than just another spineless politician

the Iron Lady

the Iron Lady

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