Migingo Island…what is the fuss about?

For the last week or so the hottest topic around has been about Migingo island a 1 acre rocky outcrop on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria. This one acre piece of rock has been the topic of everyone since the Ugandan goverment took over and hoisted thier flag on this island over a month ago.

There have been calls from the MP’s, Civil society and all manner of political leaders for our 2 principles to act fast and save our migingo islan from the expansionist strategists of the Ugandan president. Some stupid and thick headed Kibera youth went as far as uprooting the railway in Kibera!!!

Just last week the civil society was asking the President to act on the situation or be removed from office for not defending the territorial integrity of our nation. What rubbish!!!! we are ready to pick up arms to fight with a neighbouring country over a 1 acre piece of rock that no one knew existed 2 months back. I know thier are bigger pressing issues like hunger, disease, floods, roads bridges etc that would need to be addressed.

But hey no wonder our goverment is in such shamble, even the civil society who are mean’t to be policing the goverment have been sucked into this non existant conflict. And even when and if we ever get migingo back, what are we going to do with the island?  Nothing, nothin  at all…

Talk about totally misplaced priorities!!!!

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