Finally out MP’s work overtime, but still achieve nothing!!!

I really get amazed by our Kenyan MP’s who get all caught up in a frenzy on issues which i consider non issues. Well they weren’t consulted over Ringera’s reappointment, and why should they? I mean the power does rest with the President and its prerogative to do as he wishes. I think what the MP’s dont realize the Ringera issue was just a side show. In the 2 weeks they have been talking about Ringera the president has made changes to the police and arm twisted them to agree to the Mau Report.

I was really amazed at the fact they actually stayed quite late yesterday night in parliament in a bid to vote on the Ringera issue, which was quite refreshing counting they work for the shortest time daily and are paid alot of money. You wonder in what other organization where the accountant decides how much he should pay himself and how long he should work.

Im sorry but on this ones Kibaki has outplayed and out manouvered those individual 210 brains in parliament, and they are still non the wiser…maybe we should provide fund for a seminar titled for them Taking a long term view on  Political Strategy

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