Friday morning Mombasa road traffic…

24 Nairobi

24 Nairobi

Some of us made the decision to live on the outskirts of the town as the air is much cleaner and the rents are generally quite affordable. That does constitute a longer drive to work every morning but with the upgrading of the highway the time spent in traffic has been reduced.

I use Mombasa Road every morning and the upgrade of the road from 2 lanes to 3 has really gone a long way to shorten traffic jams especially into town every morning. Unfortunately we Kenyans are still peculiar people as we still have matatu’s overlapping and crossing through 3 lanes as they near the round about.

I have a big issue though we the cops at the Nyayo Stadium round about. They insist if you are on the first lane your only option is going up Langata Road whereas i do remember from that lane offers you to option -straight on into town or up langata road. Is it that our traffic cops need to be re-educated on how to direct traffic and traffic rules 101?

As for the matatu’s who squeeze small salon cars to get into line, i cant wait to buy myself an SUV with big bullbars…

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