Michael Ranneberger – US Ambassador to Kenya

Im not a fan of the US Ambassador, Michael Ranneberger or any ambassador from the European countries largely due to the fact that they are always telling us what to do. As a Kenyan I’m proud to be one, i pride myself in being one of the people who believes in home grown solutions to arising problems.

My logic is simple, there is no quick fix solution and if you read your history you will discover even first world countries have had their share of miss-steps as they grew to where they are now. I mean even now they are still making mistakes with decisions that they have entered without due thought. For the US i think the war in Iraq was one of those.

So we have bad leaders who should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and there doesn’t seem to be any political will to prosecute them but is denying or barring them from going to the US gonna help…at all? Why would i a Kenyan be so desperate to go to the US? I dont get it, what does the US have that we crave so much?

If it was me Mr Ambassador, denying me entry to the US wouldnt mean much after all i could go to any other country in the world and there many of those who dont need me to have a VISA. I keep wondering though if this kind of threats havent worked in other African countries, why would they work here?

Maybe i just dont like Ambassador’s much but then in my books, they haven’t earned the right to speak!!!

Michael Ranneberger - the US Ambassador

3 thoughts on “Michael Ranneberger – US Ambassador to Kenya

  1. Am so impressed with Amb. Michael work in the country, especially to the youths.I want to be part of this iniciative to change our country Kenya. How can I partcipate? Thanks Amb. God bless USA

    • Hey, you asked how you can help change your country? well there is a group of youth for all corners of the working to uplift a global mentoring program and a talent program used to give uni graduates valuable experience. Check out the website. http://www.initiativesaplus.com. send me an email if you want more info maya@initiativesaplus.com. I figured you would be the type interested in such endeavors. I’m based in Toronto but there is a team in Kenya, 🙂

  2. Dear Us Ambassador to Kenya,
    My name is Robert McConkey. I have a Christian Kenyan woman, who I am engaged to, and she is supposed to be coming here for Christmas vacation. She won’t be granted a Visa, unless she has a permanent job; unfortunately, her contract for the company she worked for was cancelled, because they decided to renovate the building. And they have refused the company has refused to send a statement of her recent employment, for the months she has worked there, to give to those in charge of giving Visas. They have also made her “twist in the wind,” by telling to be patient and wait, without giving her an actual date, when they will call her back to work.
    The problem is also with your Embassy there, with its unchristian and un- scriptural policies regarding, granting Visas to Kenyans, especially my finance, Soilah M’maitsi. If you are a God-fearing Christian, I ask that you use your influence to persuade the Embassy to be more lenient regarding this, and just trust, that she will return to her own country, regardless whether she has a job to come back to. She has been offered a job, by the way, from an organization called Dream City Development. And she will accept it, as soon as the one that heads the organization e-mails her back.

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