Commercial break – YU “Nimeamua”

Ad: “Nimeamua”

Client: Yu– Essar telkom

Essar Group is a diversified group straddling the manufacturing and service sectors of Steel, Energy, Power, Communications, Shipping & Logistics, and Construction. Essar Group has an estimated enterprise value of over USD 20 billion and employs 20,000 people worldwide. Essar Communications Holdings Limited (ECHL), the telecom subsidiary of the Essar Global Limited, had acquired a 49% stake in Econet Wireless International Limited (EWI) with the fresh capital benefiting Econet Wireless Kenya (EWK). Essar Group then effectively took greater shareholding in the joint venture culminating in the group being renamed Essar Telkom Kenya.

YU, Essar’s mobile network in Kenya is the latest entrant into the mobile telecommunication scene and are for the very first time doing a corporate campaign, having previously concentrated on product campaigns. Their previous campaigns were quite interesting some of them bring out the humourous side of their free sms offer by using very Kenyan things.

In their new corporate campaigns, we see different people making different decisions. We see a young boy helping a older man push a pick up stuck in the mud. They are joined by other villagers and they are able to get the car unstuck. In another ad we see a boda boda guy racing to win a boda boda race and a very successful man going home where he trades his very polished suit for traditional regalia. In another ad we see a lady playing kati with some kids in the estate as a mother in law and her friends come to visit her daughter and her new born baby.

In all this ads the V/O talks about what the person in the ad has made a decision on and the ad ends with the Kiswahili word for making a decision – Nimeamua and and explaination on the fact that YU now covers the whole country. The press and billboard campaign follows the same route showing the different people in their routines all across the country.

I think this campaign sets YU apart as it moves away from showing the usual images of lovely pictures of rolling hills and valleys to explain about coverage by a telecommunication network. This ads show different people making different decisions in different parts of the country and explaining why this people would choose YU. It brings out community decisions, personal decisions and cultural decisions by a cross section of people. It’s a very way to communicate that YU now has built up national coverage, though my only question is what happened to the tagline YU launched with? Wait a minute, what was that tagline again?

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