Does Harambee Stars really need Coach Antoine Hey?

Well after Kenya lost their last much against Mozambique, 2 weeks ago there was alot of tough talk from the Ministry of Sports about our German tactician Antoine Hey and his contract which entitled him to a hefty salary. As a Kenyan football fan i have always wondered why we decided that we needed a foreign coach, or was it because we were being given “assistance” by the German governmentAntoine Hey and that came with a coach.

Our last coach a local one Francis Kimanzi was a fantastic coach who only lost only 2 out of 11 matches. Some may argue it was due to the fact that we were playing against weak teams, but the man had a plan and a strategy. Even as KFF was in shambles, full of officials who i dont think have ever played football, he was able to bring out delightful results with the fans very happy leading to the greatest sales of the national team jersey. I was optimistic that finally the national team was following in the footsteps of the National 7’s team.

That wasn’t to be with the kind of football officials we have who are more concerned about other things like thier rise in prominence and how much funding the association gets from FIFA than the state of local football. To add to that a spineless and direction less Sports ministry which seems not to be able to do to anything to fix local football.

I don’t think we need coach Antoine Hey, really he has performed way below average and we were much better off under Francis Kimanzi. I know Bwana Prime minister, he was your pet project but he has failed and its time to cut him off and craft a good package for a local tactician.

Is it only me or has the Kenyan premier league grown exponentially since it was removed from the direct running of KFF? Just imagine how well Harambee stars would perform if it wasn’t being run by KFF or FKL for that matter!!!

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