Justice Aaron Ringera bids KACC fairwell

Well finally after serving a 5 year term as the Anti- Corruption Czar, Justice Aaron Ringera has bid KACC fair well by tendering his resignation today. I feel for him as his name has been tarnished and he has been blamed for the numerous failings of a system that was never designed to be able to punish perpetrators of corruption.

As unjust as this is to him, i do think that the man was very well suited for the job and his replacement will have very big shoes to fill. For such a politically high profile positions i know the lobbying has just began and the next person who agrees to take up that seat would be better suited if they were to negotiate a bigger salary than Justice Ringera’s to jump into the fire that is KACC.

As i maintain, that his re-appointment had just been a side show i wonder what the next big story will be as the Justice Ringera one has been milked for its worth? I do suspect there will be a new scandal coming up from somewhere or a new topic of the day for the MP’s to scream themselves hoarse about. I guess only time ill tell.

Goodbye Justice Aaron Ringera, as thankless as the population might be we are greatful that you took the job and tried your very best to succeed. We hope your next job wont be this politicised, though i highly doubt our MP’s will change anytime soon.Justice Aaron Ringera

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