Togo Team Bus Fired Upon; Driver Killed, At Least Two Players Shot

this cant be a good start to the African Cup of Nations. Hope all goes well and everyone is safe, it would be sad if this was to happen again.

by Rami Ayari,
The African side’s bus came under attack.
Jan 8, 2010 11:57:25 AM
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According to various reports the Togolese team bus has been attacked in Cabinda, Angola, after crossing into the country by road from Congo.

The latest news indicates that the driver of the bus has died from gunshot wounds. Two players have been confirmed as having been shot, with a further two bus passengers suffering from unknown injuries.

The rest of the passengers, including the Togolese team, were immediately taken to the nearest hospital for injured players to receive treatment.

“I’m doing ok but a number of players are in bad shape. We’re still at the hospital. We were shot at like dogs and had to lie under our chairs for 20 minutes to avoid the bullets,” said a distressed Thomas Dossevi while speaking to French radio station RMC.

“We were coming in from Congo where we were training. We were going into Angola to prepare for the African Cup. It’s horrible. There was security but it wasn’t enough. The players separated. Three players have been struck in the stomach. The driver was hit. It happened two ago in front of the bus.”

An Angolan FA spokesman said: “Two players have been shot. Nobody has been killed. We are working to establish the extent of the injuries and more details. We do not know which players have been shot.”

The bus was attacked on the Congolese border by Angolan rebels fighting for the independence of Cabinda – Oil-rich Cabinda, was separated from the rest of Angola by the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has been embroiled in a long-running independence struggle but will host the seven Nations Cup matches this month

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