Sheikh Abdullah al-Faisal -Muslim radical cleric

It beats logic why anyone would want to defend Sheikh Abdullah Al – Faisal a Jamaican cleric who is on a terrorism list and that the Kenyan Goverment wants to deport out of the country. Muslims today held a protest in town which resulted in one death and 4 people injured with claims that those demonstrating were holding up Al Shabaab flags.

I wonder why i would risk my life for the Sheikh, and i think those talking about human rights are a bit mistaken. I mean we are not treating him badly, we just dont want him in our country since he has links with terrorism that we do not support. And just least we forget, we have seen and been victims of terrorism right here in our country. Makes me wonder why defend the man.

is there any country in the world that will take him we take him there? on this one i fully support the Immigration minister, just deport the guy.

here are some images from the protests from

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