A new Constitution for Kenya

Well members of the PSC- Parliamentary Select Committee are holed up in Naivasha deliberating on the new constitution and the things they want to keep in the draft and those they want to remove. They have removed quite a bit including the clause that would have been thought to give gay marriage or gay partnerships leeway to start a family.

Well what i dont understand is why we need 325 Mp’s, seriously we have 222 and already they are causing all sorts of problems for us. And with such a large number of MP’s are we also going to create an oversight authority. We have seen first hand what 222 MP’s can do all to enrich themselves, so how much more damage would 325 mp’s do?

I might not be a legal expert but i really wonder how impartial the PSC is on the matters of the constitution and how will such a draft fair in the referendum. I dont think i will be voting for a constitution that proposes and increase in MP’s, coz thats just more wasted money going down the drain.

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